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Ludus (Media Business)

We own a media called "Ludus" that provides a wide range of information about NFT games, from how to get started, to reviews, to the latest news.

Providing Total-Promotion of NFT-project to Japanese Market.

What we can provide to spread nft-projects in Japan.


  • Photo of Shota Iwasaki
    Shota Iwasaki CEO

    Shota Iwasaki is an entrepreneur/angel investor. While as a sophomore in University of Tokyo, Shota founded Syukatsunet, Inc. - the largest funeral media in Japan. He sold the media in 2019 to one of the largest internet congromalete. He was selected for "Forbes 30 under 30 Asia" 2020.

  • Photo of Hiroya Arakawa
    Hiroya Arakawa Account Manager

    Hiroya Arakawa is a technical director in game production company.

  • Photo of Kei Seki
    Kei Seki Senior Advisor

    Kei Seki is a General Partner of Next Web Capital - leading Web3 accelerator in Asia. Previously he worked in Point72 Asset Management, founded the alternative data analysis team in Tokyo office. He also for DMM's cryptocurrency exchange in 2017.

  • Photo of Kousei Sho
    Kousei Sho Language Specialist

    Kousei Sho is a Business Development Manager at a start-up initiated by large enterprises (BCG Digital Ventures and Unicharm). Before, he worked in ByteDancer for an employer branding role for Japan market. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics from The University of Tokyo (2018).

  • Photo of Keisuke Matsushita
    Keisuke Matsushita Content Manager

    Keisuke Matsushita is a content manager of Ludus(espo-game.jp).

  • Photo of Nao Fujii
    Nao Fujii SNS Manager

    Nao Fujii is a SNS manager. Responsible for operating YouTube, Instagram, Twitter accounts.

  • Photo of Shunsuke Yoshioka
    Shunsuke Yoshioka Chief Engineer

    Shunsuke Yoshioka is a chief engineer of Ludus (espo-game.jp). NFT-collector. Used to be a SEO marketer.

  • Photo of Rihito Iida
    Rihito Iida NFT Analyst

    Rihito Iida is a NFT analyst and a creative director. Currently studying at Tokyo University.

  • Photo of Yataro
    Yataro Influencer

    Yataro is an influencer of the team. He loves to play blockchain-games.

  • Photo of Yusuke Miyake
    Yusuke Miyake System Administrator

    Yusuke Miyake is responsible for back office work. He used to be an executive for Syukatsunet, Inc. - the largest funeral media in Japan.


Company Name

Pacific Meta Co. Ltd.


Shota Iwasaki


August 10th, 2022

Main Business

Providing total-promotion of NFT-Project to Japanese market.


2-9-2, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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