What is My Crypto Heroes? Explain how to get started and how to capture

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We are Ludus, a Japanese NFT game media.
Introducing My Crypto Heroes in English for overseas.

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A new type of game that uses virtual currency is called a blockchain game.
One of them, My Crypto Heroes (commonly known as Micri), is one of the games that people who want to earn money also play.

Until now, the time and money spent on a game was only useful in that game, but in a blockchain game, that data is your asset!

So this time, Ludus will explain the following about My Crypto Heroes.

  • What is My Crypto Heroes?
  • How to earn money?
  • How to start

It is very important to gather as much information as possible in order to enjoy the game as much as possible.

Please read this article to the end to enjoy My Crypto Heroes, a blockchain game that is sure to become even more popular in the future.

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What is a blockchain game in the first place?

A simple explanation of blockchain games is that they utilize NFT or virtual currency systems to add value to data.

These systems prevent cheating, such as unauthorized data tampering, and provide a secure playing experience.

The greatest feature of blockchain games is the ability to add value to in-game items because they cannot be tampered with in this way.

Another feature of blockchain games is that you can use items you have acquired in the same series of games.

This means that you don’t have to waste items you’ve acquired!

What is My Crypto Heroes

company double jump.tokyo
Release Date 2018
device Microsoft Windows PC

My Crypto Heroes is a game in which players aim for world domination alongside historical heroes.

There are two types of heroes and weapons, original and replica, and the main way to obtain them is through quests and purchases at the market.

In general social games, items become worthless when the service ends.
This was created to break such a situation.

The blockchain game was officially launched in November 2018 and is still being updated.

system of My Crypto Heroes

In My Crypto Heroes, weapons and armor (extensions) and characters (heroes) are NFTs, and you can obtain them by completing quests and other activities to play more efficiently.

There are two types of extensions and heroes: originals and replicas, which will be explained in more detail later.

To earn money, you need to play the game, collect originals, and battle against other players.

Also, be aware that there are invitation codes that can only be used when you first register, so if you accidentally forget to enter your invitation code, you will not be able to receive any rewards.

Difference between original and replica

When playing My Crypto Heroes, on rare occasions, you may get an original.
Originals have the concept of leveling up, and the more you use them, the stronger they become.

Replicas are somewhat stronger from the start, but they cannot be leveled up, and they lose all of their abilities after 7 days of being equipped to a hero.

Replicas that have lost their effectiveness can be converted into TOKU points by using the dedication function.

By accumulating TOKU, you can obtain in-game currency or exchange it for other items, so replicas can actually be useful!

To play efficiently

As you play without paying, your heroes grow and the number of times you can play (stamina) in a day increases.

When your heroes are at a low level, you may only be able to go on a few quests a day.
But as your hero’s level goes up, he will have enough stamina to try many high-level quests.

Stamina is restored every 5 minutes, so be careful not to have too much stamina.

To play more efficiently, you need to obtain GUM, the in-game currency, and use it to obtain heroes and extensions.

GUM can be used not only to purchase heroes and extensions, but also to restore stamina, so do not spend GUM without a plan.

Planning is so important!

How to start My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes can be started on your PC or your phone!
You can play on your PC at home and on your smartphone when you are out and about.

You can start My Crypto Heroes on your PC from the official My Crypto Heroes website, or you can download it from the app store on your smartphone.
You can download it from the iTunes store for iPhone and other devices, or from the Google Play store for android and other devices.

You can start the game using your social networking account, but if you go through the trouble, you’ll have more fun playing with a virtual currency wallet!

How to play My Crypto Heroes

Let me explain the two main ways to play My Crypto Heroes.

The key to both ways of playing are the original heroes and the original extensions we have just described.


The quests are to be done daily to obtain and level up extensions.

In the quests, three consecutive battles are conducted automatically, and the quest is considered completed when the player wins a series of battles.

The hero’s health is carried over during the quest and must complete three consecutive battles, so if you can prepare extensions that can restore health, you will begin to be more stable.

The higher the difficulty level, the more stamina is consumed and the higher the chance that rare original extensions will drop.

If you want to earn serious money, go for the higher difficulty quests!


There are two types of content: the Duel Cup, which is held regularly over three days, mainly from Friday to Sunday, and the Coliseum, where players fight until they lose their limited number of lives.

Winners of the Duel Cup receive Winners Tickets and original extensions as rewards.

In the Colosseum, Winners Ticket can be obtained as well, and Winners Ticket and original extensions can be exchanged, so let’s fight for the top prize.

How to earn on My Crypto Heroes

Here is an explanation of how to earn money with My Crypto Heroes, which you may be most interested in.

Sell heroes and extensions at the market

The most orthodox way to earn money is to sell original heroes and extensions obtained from markets, quests, etc. on the in-game market.

In addition to the market, an external market called OpenSea is also very flexible and highly recommended!

The reason why you can sell your originals is because originals have a limited number of issues.

For example, if an item is easy to obtain and has an issue number of 100,000, there is a very high possibility that anyone can obtain it and it will be of little value.

However, if an item can only be obtained in a high difficulty quest and has only 10,000 issued, the person who wants it may be willing to pay a lot of money to buy it.

It may be difficult to get heroes without paying for them, but extensions may be available if you play every day.

Once you have collected a few original extensions and have spread them to everyone on your team, you can actively challenge the higher difficulty quests and consider selling your excess extensions on the market!

Create and sell art

Even the same hero can be changed to look different by using the art feature.
One of the features of My Crypto Heroes is the ability to create such art.

This art not only functions to change the look of the hero, but it also gives you access to a special skill called the “Art Edit Skill!

If the art you create becomes popular, it will be purchased a lot and you may even get in-game throwaways.

The selling price can be determined freely by the seller, so getting rich might not be a dream!

How to get MCHC

Also involved in the operation of My Crypto Heroes and others is MCHC, a governance coin that you can also profit from by acquiring it and selling it when the price is high.

In January 2022, MCHC was officially listed on virtual currency exchanges.

With the limited supply of heroes and extensions, the value of MCHC will be high.

Besides for profit, this coin can also be obtained and involved in the decision-making of the management of My Crypto Heroes, as one coin is one vote for the My Crypto Heroes management.

We can earn by many way

What is My Crypto Heroes Rays Mining

This function allows you to collect points called Cp instead of making heroes you acquired in My Crypto Heroes unusable for 7 days.

Heroes that are being mined can’t be used in quests, but they can be used in duels, so if you have heroes that are fully grown, we want you to mine them!

Basically, you will be able to do this when you start to run out of original heroes.

What is the reputation of My Crypto Heroes?

We have collected Japanese reviews of My Crypto Heroes.
Generally, the reviews are good, and it seems that it is possible to make a lot of money, especially if you can spend some money as an investment.

Good reputaion


If you play your cards right, you could make as much money as this person did!

You will need to spend some money and have some luck to earn this much, but it’s still exciting to think that you might be able to earn as much as he did!

Bad reputation

As I mentioned in the How to Earn Money in this game, it is no exaggeration to say that the main way to earn money is to collect many high-value extensions and sell them on the market.

It is only natural, but since high value = rarely available, even if you collect many heroes and create an environment where you can try again and again, they may not appear at all.

My Crypto Heroes is Still Growing

My Crypto Heroes was once the #1 blockchain game in the world by users.
During the official broadcast, the game’s goal was to regain the number one position in the world! and if Play-To-Earn takes root in Japan, blockchain games themselves will grow even more.

What’s more, the growth of other blockchain games could increase the value of MCHC, as I explained earlier!

If the value of MCHC increases, many people will pay attention to My Crypto Heroes.

In other words, although My Crypto Heroes has been around for a while, it will continue to grow.

Can I play My Crypto Heroes without paying?

In conclusion, My Crypto Heroes can be played without paying.
However, if your goal is to earn money, you should pay (invest) for that purpose.

As I mentioned earlier, you will need a lot of original heroes and extensions to play efficiently.

In particular, rare extensions that are highly valuable and will surely sell if you put them on display are the kind of extensions that you can’t be sure will appear even if you make many rounds and even then.

The only way to get such things is to do it a number of times, but for that you will have to pay for it.

Summary of My Crypto Heroes

We have discussed the following details about My Crypto Heroes.

  • If you keep playing My Crypto Heroes, you will get items that can be used in other games.
  • Some initial investment is required if you want to play for money.
  • The main way to earn money is to sell originals or create art.
  • To make serious money, you need luck.

Play-to-Earn has not yet fully taken root in Japan.
Therefore, there are opportunities for everyone.

If you start playing My Crypto Heroes now, you’ll have an advantage in case things get even more exciting!

You don’t have to be paying to play, just give it a shot!